Frequently misused, this channel relies heavily on technical implementation and reporting just as much as creative.

Often secondary to paid search in performance marketing plans, paid social covers a wide range of social networks such as Facebook/Meta and LinkedIn, all of which require bespoke strategic planning and activation. The creative aspect of paid social is key, however, the tech implementation and tracking play just as important of a role as these will ensure campaigns are being fed correct data and reporting shows an accurate view of performance across your different objectives.

Detailed audience targeting and the wealth of campaign/asset types make this a no brainer for B2C brands, however, there is great value in paid social for B2B, and not just on LinkedIn. Whether B2C or B2B, within such a competitive space, ensuring you can attribute value to each penny spent on paid social is key. This is why outbloom lead all accounts with tracking/tagging, reporting set up and KPI ideation to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page and to report the true value of you media spend, whether this is brand, performance or a mix of both.

outbloom offer end-to-end paid social services, helping you to drive better results at the bottom line, improve engagement and connect with the right audience, report against all of your KPIs using your source of truth and connect the dots with accurate and integrated tracking.



With the ever changing landscape of data and privacy, ensuring pixels/APIs are used for in platform data is critical. Whatever the objective, no campaign should be activated without end to end tracking. outbloom manage the entire process, from tag creation, deployment, testing and ongoing maintenance. We ensure your data is always correct and flowing into your reports, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions and rest assured that your campaigns are fed the best possible data.


Your first-party data should be the heart of your paid social strategy. This audience fuels lookalike cohorts and provides a solid base for retargeting – ingesting customer data is critical for success. Whatever position you are in with first party data, outbloom can help facilitate making use of this, from initial auditing to API connections in line with freshness and GDPR compliance. Aside to first party data there are many different audience types across all platforms that have each got their own benefits and use cases.


Creative success lies within test and learn frameworks built from solid, well planned creative strategies. Creative development should be informed by data and audience response. Each ad type across Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. serves a unique purpose and should be scoped in line with your goals and objectives, we often see creative launched and left to gather data right up until the end of the campaign and/or fatigue sets in, at outbloom we identify and feedback on from the very beginning across performance, engagement, reach, and more.

Each platform has a wealth of metrics which can be used to inform strategic and tactical decisions. Off platform, the data dropping into your CRM/Analytics can help complete the picture. In our experience, this is where many brands fall down, resorting to solely in-platform data which is likely to be estimated, despite having pixels/APIs correctly set up. Parameters, integrations and much more can be used to begin tying the media spend back to your source of truth, blending this with in-platform data to provide a clear and near complete picture of performace.


outbloom provide consultancy, audience build, data integration, creative strategy and more for paid social.

The sheer quantity of data Meta holds make this channel ideal to reach specific cohorts of users in a cost effective way. Your first-party data holds the key to success on Meta and is the starting point for activation.

Our audits are bespoke to each social network, they are built upon a scoring system to provide clear indication of what is working, where you can improve and the steps needed to action these changes.

Part of the Meta (Facebook) network, Instagram advertising can be combined with Meta ads and/or as a standalone option to reach the 500m active daily users whilst they browse posts, stories and reels.

Arguably the most important facet of any paid social account, having accurate and up to date tracking is vital in ensuring your campaigns are being fed the correct data to work towards your goals/KPIs.

Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn is the largest online community of professionals – offering a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach key decision makers with engaging content and ads.

Connecting data points is critical for paid social, many in-platform metrics at a conversion level are estimated and sit outside of BAU reporting. Tying these points together provides a holistic view of how far your paid social spend goes.

"The support & direct involvement from outbloom extends way beyond paid search and paid social and includes, amongst other things, tracking, analytics, links to the CRM software, creative & UX feedback & much more."



End to end strategic planning across most social networks, aligning your goals to each channel and how best to drive performance at scale.


Whether through partners or direct consultancy, we guide you through how best to segment and import fresh first party into your social channels.

outbloom manage data feeds/catalogue ingestion across most social networks, assisting with optimisation and test & learn frameworks.


Creating methodologies across multiple platforms to help build bridges away from the traditional last touch model and towards a holistic view. 


APIs or bespoke connections are completely managed by outbloom, tying together data sources for a true picture of paid social performance.


We manage forecasting and budgetary planning from the ground up, proving a picture of expected/estimated performance to align expectations.


On and off boarding can be a complex process between agencies/teams, accounts/reporting/roadmaps and more, we manage the entire process.


Budget pacing, reporting, optimisation recommendations – by ingesting various data sources, the most basic paid social tasks can be automated.


This can vary based on the account/s and level of media spend and relies on other factors such as; tagging & tracking, reporting, analytics, and more. We provide director level consultants who are experienced across all service areas, they will be able to assist with everything from fixing your pixel implementation to writing reporting commentary. With this consultative approach to paid social, our fees start at £5,000 per month. 

We do not directly offer strategy and design for creatives, however, we have many partnerships which include creative design and ideation which we will bring to the table if required.

There isn’t a single network that we specialise in. Due to reach and maturity, a large % of media spend is funneled through Facebook/Meta and Instagram, however, it’s all dependent on the goal of the campaigns which determines the network to use and the level of budget to carve out for this.

This depends on the goals you have. For performance, we will use your source of truth data blended with in platform metrics + any other sources you may need that we can bring together within unified reporting. We still use in platform conversion data despite the majority being estimated, for the sole reason that this feeds bidding algorithms. If it is branding, we will follow a similar process, whilst adopting brand uplift studies, surveys, etc.