Identify often overlooked areas of your Paid Social accounts to improve campaign effectiveness and efficiency. 

outbloom offers independent and thorough audits to help you to understand if your campaigns are delivering the best possible results for your business, this covers (but is not exclusive to); Meta/Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Our audits take a fine toothed comb to your paid social platforms, providing a realistic and detailed plan to ensure your paid media reaches it’s full potential. Not only this, but our deliverables are flexible depending on what serves you and your business. 



Best Practise

Starting with the basics, we thoroughly examine your social accounts, leaving no stone unturned. For many agencies, reporting back on their findings is where the audit stops.

At outbloom, this is only our starting point. This initial audit invariably raises questions requiring context in order for us to provide you with useful insights and recommendations, removing the risk of being presented with irrelevant information. 

Often, we see issues with tracking; either too little information is parsed, errors with pixels, or server-side tracking not set up. Clean and full data is an essential piece of all social accounts given their reliance on conversion data. 

A core element of our audits is reviewing your tracking and tagging setup, ensuring that you’re set up for cross-channel, future-proof success, especially important when looking to prove the value of social advertising. 


One of the most important areas for review is your audience setup. 

Is your first-party data connected via API to keep your audience lists fresh and GDPR compliant? How are audience cohorts used within campaigns and is the traffic directed correctly? What custom audiences are built, and how have they been used strategically to meet your goals?

Based on your campaign goals, we will review your audience set up to ensure it’s inline with your business goals and industry best practise. 

Future Planning

As standard, one of our deliverables is a bespoke list of actions based on our findings. However, we’re happy to be flexible depending on what would work best for you.

Some clients request an list of questions that they can ask their paid social agency, some have asked us to implement the recommendations, and sometimes we work directly with our client’s agencies to ensure the changes are made in a timely manner. 

outbloom will work with you to get the best out of your teams and accounts. 

Paid Social Audit CAPABILITIES

Paid social auditing is a must as it uncovers growth opportunities and areas for improvement across all elements: creative, tracking, tagging, reporting and more.


Maintaining a clean and organised account is essential for its success. Our detailed analysis identifies areas for improvement and suggests quick fixes that can improve return on investment (ROI), minimise unnecessary spending, and improve reporting capabilities.


Compelling creative is crucial within your Paid Social campaigns as it helps to attract the attention of users and convince them to take a desired action, such as clicking on an ad or making a purchase. 

Our creative review will help ensure that your assets are top-performing and effectively showcase your brand.


A comprehensive audit requires a thorough understanding of the context of your account and the purpose of the audit. With full knowledge of changes, structures, and strategy, we can provide valuable recommendations and insights in an actionable format. 


As part of your Paid Social audit, we will examine your reporting to ensure that you are receiving valuable, actionable data. We often identify gaps in data that can be easily filled.

Our team at outbloom can help you close the “reporting black box” and get a more complete picture of your campaigns efficacy. 

Monitoring your performance is critical to the success of your campaigns. We review the set up of your tracking tools, such as Ads pixel, Analytics, HubSpot, Omniture, or your custom CRM, to accurately measure and assign value to the conversions that matter to your business.


Through our omnichannel review, we ensure that your paid social activity is taken into account across other relevant channels, identifying any gaps or inconsistencies in the customer journey. Our review provides valuable insights to help you improve the performance of your paid social campaigns and your overall marketing strategy.


Typically, our paid social audits include a thorough review of your social accounts including campaign settings, targeting parameters, performance data, ad creative, landing pages, conversion tracking, and overall strategy. It may also involve competitor analysis and industry benchmarking, or anything else you’d like particular focus on.

The deliverables of a paid social audit can vary based on your specific needs. However, typically you’ll receive a comprehensive audit report with our findings, recommendations, and actionable insights, along with a strategic plan for optimising your paid social campaigns.

Our paid social audits are primarily focused on evaluating and providing recommendations for improvement rather than making direct changes to your campaigns.

However,  if you’d like to activate on our recommendations, we provide paid social activation and management as a service.

The frequency of running paid social audits can vary depending on factors such as the size of your advertising budget, the complexity of your campaigns, and the pace of changes in your industry. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to conduct a paid social audit at least annually or whenever significant changes occur in your business, target audience, or paid social management team.