Google Shopping showcases your products directly on the SERP, placing your inventory in front of users who are ready to purchase.

Google shopping is a great choice for ecommerce retailers looking to get their products in front of users on the SERP, this differentiates from search ads as users are served with; images, prices, sales/discounts, and more. Driven by your product feed, this network has a number of dependencies and arguably a lessening of control when compared to the likes of paid search, however, by taking a commercial approach to structuring, budgeting, feed management, and more, you will set yourself up for success.

outbloom are experts in scaling sales and revenue through our extensive experience in managing shopping across Google Ads, Meta/Instagram, Microsoft, TikTok and Marketplaces. Our customised solutions, ranging from full service activation to feed creation and management, are designed to deliver practical and results-driven success for your business.




Ensuring that your structured data feeds are optimised is increasingly crucial when running shopping activity on Google, Microsoft or Marketplaces (e.g. Amazon).  At outbloom, we ensure your feeds are accurate, up-to-date and well optimised. By giving each platform relevant and rich data, we increase our likelihood of shopping success over and above your competitors. 


Our customised data feeds are tailored to each client’s unique business needs. By incorporating your specific business data, including product categories, attributes, descriptions, margins and pricing, we can create a more effective and personalised feed that aligns with your brand and market position. Each solution is bespoke and unique to each and every client.


We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, managing their shopping campaigns, globally. We understand both customer and technical nuances across markets, which is why we’re fully equipped to handle shopping campaigns for retailers across many different markets. We build feeds that are easy to scale in both product and market count.


Regularly testing new elements in product feeds, including product attributes, descriptions, images, and other business data points, is crucial for identifying the most effective elements for attracting customers and driving sales. This practice also ensures that product feeds remain relevant and up-to-date, enabling our clients to maintain a competitive edge.


outbloom provide consultancy, activation, strategy and more across all elements of shopping campaigns.


Google Shopping provides several benefits for businesses aiming to boost online visibility and drive sales. It’s often an essential element of any marketing strategy, and we can help you set up your product feed for success. Every brand requires a different approach, and we leverage best-in-class automation, rules, strategy and business data to optimise your feed toward your KPIs. 

Analysing product performance across locales and platforms is essential for businesses to determine which products are performing well, which ones are not, and which products influence the purchase path. Using this information to optimise the feed can result in a stronger and more competitive product listings, leading to increased traffic and sales.

A frequently overlooked platform, advertising on Microsoft Shopping can help to reach millions of active shoppers who use Microsoft services. With competitive pricing and flexible ad formats, Microsoft Shopping offers an attractive option to diversify your marketing budget. We often find lower competition vs. Google which brings a range of benefits including lower click costs.

Product Assortment

‘Shopping doesn’t work for us’ is one of the biggest pieces of feedback we have when taking on new clients. Much of this can be down to elements such as product assortment, pricing and SERP competition. We work alongside our brands to develop a strategy to enter the shopping ecosystem, ensuring that they take their unfair share of clicks and boost their revenue. 

We offer feed management solutions, either as a solo service of as part of campaign management. We optimise product data feeds for distribution across multiple channels, including Google, Amazon, and Meta/Instagram using a variety of feed management tools to automate and streamline the process. Our outputs are up-to-date, customised and compliant structured data feeds.


Since Google’s fine in 2017, the use on third party comparison shopping providers (CSP) has become infinitely widespread. There can be several benefits working with a third party provider, and we are happy to advise on the best solution for your business. We have worked with a range of comparison shopping providers, alongside Google & Microsoft.

"The support & direct involvement from outbloom extends way beyond paid search and paid social and includes, amongst other things, tracking, analytics, links to the CRM software, creative & UX feedback & much more"
Steve Birmingham
Beam Windows & Doors


Connecting and synchronising different data sources to create a unified product data feed is essential in improving data accuracy and uniformity across channels. We integrate your product information with various e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and advertising channels to streamline your product listing process.


At outbloom, we use your business data as standard within our optimisation to ensure that we’re bidding on the right items that will ultimately drive the best profits for you. We to this either via business data within the feed or in-platform, reviewing regularly to ensure no stone is unturned. 


When running shopping activity globally, each feed and locale comes with its own nuances of product assortment, language, shipping, taxes, local regulations, competitor landscape, seasonal events and platform preferences. We’ve worked successfully for years with household name retailers with global reach.


We understand that dates like Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Summer Sale, etc can be make or break for many brands. At outbloom, we come to the table armed with bespoke strategies and technical activation requirements to ensure that your peak trading is your best ever, year after year.


We have extensive experience in activating shopping campaigns across Google, Microsoft, Meta, Instagram, Amazon, Pinterest and TikTok. There isn’t a single approach to use for feed based campaign types across these very different networks, in some instances it may not be beneficial to use your feed for advertising on a certain platform, whereas for other it may be top priority – we provide clarity, planning and experience to help you flourish.

We hear this a lot and there’s not a straightforward answer for whether we can make it work harder than the campaigns that have been activated before. What we can do is audit the activity, assess the feed, competition, product range, price points, and much more – giving you an outlook based on platform performance and the commercial viability.

We do, standard shopping is still incredibly valuable on the Google network, as is PMax. We assess the viability of PMax on a case-by-case basis as there are many dependents involved to get the very best out of this campaign type, some examples could be: there just isn’t enough conversion data and we have to assess whether we are tracking all macro and micro conversions that could be fed into this, or, your brand has a unique proposition and ethical stance which means you cannot let Google choose you GDN placements so need a work around. 

Our clients peak trading times are often our most exciting parts of the year. We provide ad-hoc support across all of our services, however as we’re a small team, it’s advised to book time well in advance to ensure we can commit our capacity.