Web analytics provides clarity, insights and tangible data to benchmark, plan and forecast exactly how far your marketing investment goes.

Rich analytical data is the foundation in which all digital channels rely upon. Every decision, from activating paid search to going to market with a new product/service should be driven by this data. Ensuring you have the very basics in place is essential and often a second thought once tagging has been deployed and basic tracking has been setup.

outbloom offer end-to-end analytics consultancy, helping you to improve ad efficiencies, reduce reporting time, gain deeper product insights, understand user behavior and lower your risk of data inaccuracies.

Turn Data into action



We undertake a full health check of your current analytics setup, scoring everything from user access to custom dimensions/metrics. Following this, outbloom present where you sit on a sliding scale from one to ten, ten being a gold standard basic analytics setup. We’ll then prioritise tasks based on impact and either working independently/side by side with your teams, implement the changes to get you to a gold standard basic account setup.


Importing data into your web analytics opens a wealth of opportunities. Rather than looking at your platform in silo next to offline, CRM, and more, we connect and combine these sources to give you a holistic view of performance. Once we have set up an import from your source of truth (CRM, CDP, etc) you will be able to report and forecast out your acquisition channels using the best possible data source, gaining a much deeper understanding of your customers.


Arguably the most important aspect of any analytics set up, succinct tracking allows you to rest assured that the correct data is flowing into your analytics platform. outbloom manage all configurations, from JavaScript tracking codes to custom data layer integration. Once we have ensured the correct data is being imported, the next step is tracking – implementing goals, events, ecommerce, and more to unlock data about your website to report on and plan from.


Once you have the correct data flowing into your analytics, integrations have been made and you are confident in your data – we then build out custom reports designed around your stakeholders. We typically work side-by-side with all parties involved in analytics, whether the occasional viewer or a daily user frequently exporting datasets for forecasting, we will build out the exact solution for each person and provide a direct contact for any updates, troubleshooting or training.


outbloom provide analytics consultancy, integrations and set up, auditing and more.​


However mature your analytics set up, a scheduled audit not only finds opportunities, it provides reassurance that you are looking at the correct data. Our comprehensive health check covers all elements and factors in custom solutions.


Investing resource into your analytics platform is great, however, pulling all the data together to meet the needs of stakeholders can be a daunting. outbloom build custom dashboards & reports and work directly with your stakeholders.


Having confidence in your analytics tracking helps digital marketers make sound & logical decisions. We are here to audit, diagnose and make sure that all tags are implemented correctly and that you’re working with accurate data.


outblooom have the experience to help with all aspects of analytics, this could be; moving to a new platform, navigating a system change (e.g. GA4) or if you’re at the very start of your journey and you’re unsure which provider to choose – rest assured, we can help.


Whether customer data from your CRM or an out of the box/bespoke CDP, outbloom offer end to end management of your analytics data integration. If you truly want a complete picture of performance, this is essential. 


Whether one-to-one or for full teams (in-house or agency side), outbloom offer bespoke training to empower teams in their day-to-day analytics use. We are firm believers in structured ongoing training vs one off sessions to truly transfer the most knowledge.

"They get great results with a data-driven approach to PPC whilst considering all factors that impact paid search performance. They have played a big part in our digital journey"
Gary Bennion


This world-leading platform offers a wealth of data on traffic, user behavior, and more. This can form your entire digital marketing plan and we’re here to ensure it reports correctly and you have quick access to the data that matters the most.


GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics, providing data collection, analysis, user privacy features and advanced integration. outbloom provide end-to-end GA4 services, from transition to data integration.

Analytics data can be shown in isolation or blended to create deeper insight in platforms like Looker Studio or Tableau. We transform your data into clear visualisations, making it easier to digest.


Omnichannel reporting brings together many touchpoints, understanding these is one thing but taking out insights to drive decisions is another – this is where outbloom can provide you with clarity.


We have extensive experience with the Adobe web analytics platform (Omniture), offering performance reporting, user behavior insights, marketing impact and more through tagging, APIs and log files. 

GTM is a free tag management solution that make tag deployment/amends simpler than the traditional route via dev teams. Almost all tags can be managed through GTM and outbloom are here to facilitate this.


Excluding unwanted traffic and manipulating data is key in ensuring reporting is correct. If left unmanaged, sales/leads may be attributed incorrectly or your traffic sources may not be quite right.


Outside of technicalities, data accrued in analytics should be benchmarked against KPIs. outbloom consultancy has helped many businesses set these KPIs, running ideation sessions and managing implementation.


We don’t have one fixed fee for a web analytics project as prices vary in line with scope and requirements. This is a sliding scale as often there are many factors involved in projects such as migrations, audits, new account creation etc.

Absolutely. Server-side tracking has many benefits and can enhance your data collection by capturing information directly on your server. Improving the accuracy of your data and reducing discrepancies are just the start and we recommend server-side tracking as standard (where possible).

This really comes down to how often your website is updated, changes in tracking, parties involved, and more. If you are a heavy lifter in analytics we would recommend an audit once a year and around any significant changes to ensure you have a second set of eyes on the projects being rolled out. If you’ve never had your analytics audited, we’d recommend actioning this immediately to ensure you are looking at correct data when making your digital marketing decisions.

We follow a structured plan that includes; assessment & planning (determine the best approach), setting up the APIs (finding a way around this if not available), mapping, setting up data flows and the most important step – quality control. Once we have all this nailed we will begin to draw up how we can visualise the data in custom built reports to provide you with meaningful insights.