One of the largest and most diverse advertising platforms in the world boasting a wealth of unique targeting methods.

Evolving from Facebook to Meta, Facebook advertising allows advertisers to get their products/services in front of >2bn users.

Whether B2B or B2C, the targeting methods, campaign objectives, and ad types are extremely diverse – offering a wealth of opportunities to target new audiences and re-engage with previous users. First party data plays a key role in both acquisition and retention and is the backbone of a successful Facebook advertising strategy.


Facebook Advertising is much more than boosted posts and interest based audiences, below are just a few of many capabilities that outbloom can help you with.


Facebook audiences traditionally consist of interests, behaviors, and demographics. Creating lists using website visitors and engagement metrics is also useful, however, the most powerful audiences use your CRM data. These lists provide signals to Facebook about your most valuable customers and can be used to create lookalike cohorts for new customer acquisition. This process can be complex which is why we offer end-to-end implementation, strategy and wider digital consultancy to drive performance on this network.

Facebook in-platform metrics are essential for reporting, as is conversion data which feeds into bidding algorithms. It’s likely that you have Google Analytics, Paid Search data, and other platform data, with the source of truth lying somewhere in between. outbloom will integrate your data sources into one place, pulling the essential metrics from Meta (Facebook) (engagement, cost, etc), tying this data to your source of truth (eg. analytics, CRM, etc) to give you clarity on how far your Facebook media spend is really going.


First party data should be the heart of any performance based Meta (Facebook) advertising strategy. There are several methods for getting your customer data into the platform, the most efficient and GDPR compliant being done via an automation platform, ensuring data is fresh and up to date across the lists you are importing. Whether managing this through an out-of-the-box marketing automation tool or through a bespoke set up, we will manage the entire process to ensure you are working with the best possible data.


Experimentation on Facebook ads should be embedded within the overarching digital media strategy. With this comes a need for a clear and accessible base of tests, methodologies, results, and future plans that are readily available to you and your team. outbloom will lead the design and development of bespoke test and learn frameworks to give you visibility on how to make informed decisions based off your multi variant, A/B, split tests, and what learnings can be taken forward for new campaigns.


Typically using demographic, interest, and behaviour data to reach users who are likely to be interested in your products or services. Facebook targeting is a good place to start, however, custom audiences are key for this campaign type – building lists of users who match characteristics of your converting customers into lookalike audiences. We have built prospecting strategies for the biggest high street brands and work directly with your data to lay the groundwork for successful customer acquisition.


Driving visibility to previous visitors either using the pixel or custom audiences is key for any Meta (Facebook) advertising strategy. A basic starting point is usually ‘non converting users’, offering different messaging based on behavioural metrics with the goal of driving conversions. outbloom peel back the layers of retargeting, bringing in CRM data to build strategies around seasonality, previous purchaser data, and more – all surrounded by a rigorous tracking, and test and learn framework to avoid high frequency fatigued ads.


Conversions API (CAPI) is a server side tracking solution, the same process occurs as with a cookie but the data is stored on the server vs browser. IOS 14 updates required users to actively opt in to share their device identifer, creating gaping holes in performance data, which is why CAPI is so important to get a complete picture of performance. We manage everything, from implementation via Google Tag Manager or with your Webmaster, to testing – giving you confidence in your data.


We often see Facebook ad accounts that have been running without proper planning or goal setting. Without forecasting, whether historical data is present or not, it really is a stab in the dark. Our forecasts consider various factors such as new activity, markets, and campaign types, and can be customised to your desired level of detail. In addition to using in-platform and analytics, we also incorporate your source of truth data to give a complete understanding of what you can expect to achieve with your media spend.


Our audit quotes are determined based on several factors, such as the number of accounts, account size, languages, and creative elements.

You can be confident that we provide a comprehensive breakdown of the deliverables you can expect for each project, with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. Our best-in-class Paid Social auditing services are designed to get straight to the point and deliver actional insights.

Our capabilities serve to showcase our experience and illustrate how we can assist you. However, before we commence any work, we take the time to learn your unique business needs and whether you require a one-off service or ongoing managed support. All of our outbloom scopes are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Certainly, let’s begin by establishing your end goals and work backward from there. You can rest assured that we will collaborate with you to determine the best approach for you and your business. We provide full managed activation and strategy, and and can take charge of everything so you won’t have to lift a finger. Alternatively, we can guide you and your team, empowering you to take the reins yourselves.

We work across both managed retainers and one-off projects. If you require an extra pair of hands and expertise, we are here to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.