With so much data available, it’s essential that digital marketing reports connect as many sources as possible to report on your source of truth.

Reporting on marketing performance is one of (if not the most) important aspect of a digital marketers role. There may be different requirements across in house teams, agencies, or freelance/contractors, what remains consistent is that communicating how well website and/or app is performing is essential.

You’ll most likely have several data sources (Google Ads, Analytics, CRM/CDP, etc), one of which you are using to point you in the right direction for performance and decision making, which more often than not is not the actual ‘source of truth’. At outbloom, we are committed to connecting all of your data points to give you a unified view of performance that is not limited to out of the box platforms/solutions.

outbloom offer end to end digital reporting services, helping to bring together actionable insights from multiple channels, empower teams to make data driven decisions based off your source of truth data, give clarity on areas of optimisation across all channels, improve resource allocation by investing more time in the most profitable channels and tailoring reports to each stakeholder to show the exact data they need to see.




In an ideal world, which data sources would you want to see in you digital marketing reports? Google Analytics? Third party platforms? Offline data? Even if the integration doesn’t exist yet, outbloom endeavor to bring your data sources together to give you a true picture of performance. From planning to building roadmaps and the implementation, we manage this end to end process to provide you with a solid foundation of accurate data to feed into all aspects of your digital marketing strategy.


Once the correct data is defined and the integrations made, we work with yourself and/or teams to plan exactly who needs access and what they want to see (and when). We aim to put an end to standard reporting templates that plug into one/two data sources and leave you to do the hard work sifting through to find what you need. At outbloom, our reporting is bespoke from day one and each stakeholder involved has input on the specifics of exactly what data they need to see now, and in the future.


After we have established your data requirements and have all sources integrated, we make it as straightforward as possible to observe patterns and trends using clear visualisations. Whether charts, graphs or tables – we make the data as digestible as possible. We ensure your visuals compliment each other so you’re not stuck looking at reems of tables, then undertake periodic reviews with each stakeholder to ensure visual elements meets expectations which naturally change over time.


As with anything in digital marketing, the work is never done. We set expectations from the very beginning and factor periodic reviews into the roadmap. It’s natural that some data might not be as useful as once thought, and equally as natural to need more. This could come in the form of new visuals split by different data ranges, vs target/forecast/last year, etc. By running scheduled sessions with stakeholders tailor reporting to their needs, making everyone’s job easier and the data more accessible.


outbloom offer end to end digital reporting services, from ideation, to data connections and visualisations – your reporting will be in the best possible hands.


Bringing together data from social, paid, organic, affiliates, and more, as well as other systems, such as analytics, CRM/CDP is an absolute essential if you wish to have a clear, omnichannel view of performance. outbloom manage this entire process to help you navigate towards integrated reporting.


To truly gain insight into your performance data, you have to dig into your source of truth. Not only can you report on true acquisition costs, you can plan much further ahead using lifetime value. We manage this end-to-end process for you and help set KPIs to give you complete data clarity. 


Automated reporting is a given for efficient and accurate tracking of performance. We help you make data-driven decisions and optimise your digital marketing strategy by saving time and resource with readily available data and insights, allowing more time to focus on analysis and making data driven decisions.


Depending on the attribution model used, tracking settled sales/leads can only give you one side to the story. Understanding how each channel is contributing to the conversion path and the value of your touchpoints is essential. We make sense of your paths, creating visuals to report on these invaluable data points.


Auditing your reporting set up is a great way to see where datapoints are being missed, whether the raw data is correct or a wealth of other factors. You could be unsure if a data source can be blended in, or you may be looking to move to a new platform. Whatever the issue, we are here to help.


Reporting requirements develop over time, which is why we build in ongoing support with our reporting services. Whether new data sources are required or a stakeholder needs a different view, we facilitate this so you’re not just stuck with the same report, needing to dig around to find the data you need.

"In addition to shifting our strategy to aid further growth, they have been instrumental in helping with the planning of our updated brand awareness strategy, including testing new creative ideas and channels"
Jade Mchugh
Eat Sleep Live


Googles powerful data reporting and visualisation tool, explore complex datasets, integrate databases, APIs and more. We’ve worked with many brands on bespoke Looker Studio projects to give a clear picture of their data.


This data visualisation and business intelligence tool connects data sources to deliver interactive reporting and dashboards. Whether you’re considering moving or are already established, we have the experience to help.


Measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy shines light on success and flags areas for improvement. Alongside this, forecasting lays the groundwork for setting targets, which can require some heavy lifting which we manage for you.


Reporting across many different platforms and combining data sources can blur the lines with attribution. We are here to provide a holistic view of performance, factoring in business goals and the depth of data you have available for reporting.


True omnichannel reporting tracks and analyses data from all platforms to give a comprehensive view of performance. Planning is key, then data connections, followed by reporting and visuals all of which outbloom manage end to end.


The data you wish to see on a weekly basis differs from monthly/annually and more. We accommodate for this by working closely with you to understand what you need and when, providing training on commentary, insights, planning and more. 


Moving between agencies and/or teams bring about complexities with reporting as ownership, data connections, and more can impact the day to day. outbloom work directly with agencies and brands to ensure minimal downtime with transitions.


It’s not a secret that digital marketing is rife with acronyms. With reports being shared across stakeholders in different markets/teams we ensure everyone is aware of what they are looking at and how to interpret the data.


All too often, reports are created as a necessity, checked in on every now and again and then left to gather dust with an occasional fix. At outbloom, we place the highest importance on data, relevancy and customisation. Macro and micro goals that are relevant to your business should be readily available, if you are an ecommerce business there’s a wealth of data outside of sales and revenue that can tell a story which could help you budget and plan. From day one, we work with your team to plan out what each stakeholder needs to see and when, from here we create bespoke templates and collaborate until you have exactly what you need.

This is completely up to you. We never take the painful approach of sending generic commentary on a weekly/bi-weekly basis that either never gets read or is far from what you need to tell the story of performance. Whether you require face to face, video calls, email comms or none at all – we will never waste time or resource and always work to your specs.

We don’t have a specific preference however with a large % of our client base investing in products within the Google suite, Looker Studio is often the choice by clients. That said, we have worked extensively with Tableau across several large brands to bring together many data sources with stunning visualisations.

This differs per client and requirements. We have ongoing reporting work where we have owned the project from day one, offering insights and maintenance, and we have managed many projects where we get reporting scoped, built and handed off to internal teams – whatever the requirements, we will be able to accommodate.