Reach over 1 billion users with sponsored content using images/videos within feeds and/or stories.

Instagram is a vastly popular and visually-focussed platform. Offering a wide range of targeting options, Instagram has proven to be a valuable advertising-platform for businesses of all sizes.

 Instagram is its own unique platform and should be treated as such when developing your content and advertising strategy. This means creating content and a strategy that is specifically tailored to the way users interact with Instagram, rather than just linking it to your Meta Ads campaign.


outbloom can help clients maximise the impact of their Instagram advertising campaigns through strategic targeting, compelling ad creative, and data-driven optimisation.


Instagram is a visually-oriented platform and creating eye-catching and attractive images/videos is a key element of success.

We run detailed analysis of creative performance across a range of verticals. outbloom frequently test creative to see what specifically drives engagement across each objective, working towards your defined KPIs using detailed reports.


At outbloom, we prioritise maximizing the impact of your marketing budget by targeting individuals who are likely to be interested in or make a purchase of your products. We do this by utilizing a variety of tools and techniques such as first-party data, affinity data, lookalike modelling, and more to create customised lists that are well-matched with compelling creative and calls to action.

We utilise both Meta/Instagram native analytics and your preferred third-party tracking software. In addition to conversion metrics, we also provide data on the customer journey from initial ad impression to final conversion to understand the impact of your Instagram advertising. By leading with analytics and data integration, we can help you make informed decisions about your advertising strategy.


We conduct creative tests on a regular basis, we can identify the elements of your ads that are most effective at driving the desired outcomes, such as increased website traffic or conversions. This allows us to optimise your ads and improve their performance over time. 

We can also work with you on Brand Lift Studies, be that with your platform reps or third-party tools.


We don’t offer ad creation as a service. We often work collaboratively with our clients internal team or external suppliers to marry best practise, story telling and strategy with stunning visual creative. 

At outbloom, we work solely across paid performance channels. Depending on what you’re looking for, we’re happy to recommend practitioners from our network. 

As with most things in digital marketing, unhelpfully, the answer is ‘it depends’.

We’ve worked with large retailers who have the resources to create custom content per platform – this works really well. However, if a retailers doesn’t have the time or resources for unique content edits per platform, we will work with what we have to drive the best performance possible. 

We offer training on an ad-hoc basis. Our content is largely bespoke to each client to ensure we can give the best, most useful examples and tasks based on the brand, product and level of knowledge. Get in touch for more details and availability.