The largest advertising platform online, providing instant access to users as they search and browse content across the web.

Evolving from AdWords to Google Ads, this pay-per-click (PPC) platform allows advertisers to serve ads on the search engine results page (SERP), YouTube, Google Maps, Apps, and >200m websites.

Consisting of several networks, the most commonly known is Google Search, where advertisers can bid on keywords to enter into the auction to serve text ads, driving traffic to their website where actions can be tracked (sales, lead forms, etc) and reported on in tools like Looker Studio and Tableau.


Our range of services includes comprehensive management of Google Ads, spanning end-to-end management to specialised, one-time projects. We take care of all the heavy lifting.


Whatever the objective, no campaign should be activated without a defined plan backed up by solid research. This goes far deeper than just a list of keywords/audience cohorts, outbloom dig into the intent of keywords, suitability of audiences and eligibility of placements to define where activity sits in the funnel and how budget should best be allocated. We can do this prior to an account build, or as part of a Paid Search Audit. Whether you are at the start of your journey or many years into Google Ads, we can help.


A key incentive from Google, automation runs through all campaign types from bidding to account health. These initiatives have a place within account strategy, however, launching into automated bidding without a clear objective, activation plan and reporting can directly impact the bottom line. outbloom have walked brands and agencies through this process many times. Whether you’re setting up any automation from scratch, or you’ve been in the game for years, we’re here to help you take the right step forward.


The next generation of Google Ads campaigns, Performance Max (PMax) gives advertisers the access to all inventory (search, YouTube, display, discovery, and more) from a single campaign. PMax can feel like a ‘catch all’ but with limited reporting it can feel like a black box. outbloom will guide you through set up, asset development, audience inclusion and reporting but more importantly weighing up whether this is the right campaign type for you, and how this should be structured with your end goals in mind. 

Google shopping uses product feeds to display ads on the SERP. Having a high-quality, optimised feed is key for shopping success, as is segmentation and advanced tactics such as; extensions, labelling, bundles, promotions, and more. outbloom have managed Google shopping for the biggest retail high street retails brands and start-up/SMEs alike – we are here to own the entire process, from feed management to activation. Moved away from Google? We are happy to use, and can recommend alternative CSS providers. 


The Google Display Network (GDN) allows advertisers to reach 90% of global internet users across >200m websites, apps and videos. Whether prospecting, remarketing or both – activating on this network without planning and defined KPIs can be costly and potentially, brand damaging. From placements to audience types, set up in PMax or classic GDN, forecasting and more – outbloom work with you side-by-side to define success, build the roadmaps, consult on creative themes, activate, test, refine and so much more.


This video sharing platform gives advertisers the ability to reach >2bn monthly users. Whether through PMax or in isolation, each targeting method has pros and cons. Complimentary to Paid Social, outbloom advise on creative, define audiences, provide forecasting, and more. We’ve managed YouTube ads for high street brands, small businesses, and everything in between – this influential part of the funnel can be very successful across brand and performance alike by bringing your brand and values to life. 


The process of acquiring or moving a Google Ads account between agencies, in-house teams or starting from scratch can be complex with many parties involved. Downtime is a risk for all businesses investing in performance media across Google which is why we have built our own processes, documentation and roadmaps to make this task as simple as possible. We on/off board multi-million pound accounts, and are here to take care of all the elements which can only come from years of experience. 


We frequently run Paid Search Audits or on-board accounts that have been running for considerable periods of time without any type of forecast, targets or performance planning. Whether you’re planning new activity/markets/campaign types, and more, we provide forecasting down to your desired level of detail (e.g. weekly/monthly/quarterly). Not only using the platform/analytics data, we strive to forecast using your bottom line data so you have complete clarity around the expected outcomes. 


With a wealth of experience in Paid Search advertising, we have collaborated with both small start-ups and multi-million pound brands. Our services include Google Ads management retainers for those seeking long-term support, as well as project-based work for those in need of a brief infusion of expertise. Our unique proposition means that you’ll always have a Director working on your account. Whether that’s activation, creating ad copy or forecasting across 20 markets – you always get experience as standard.  

We’ve spent years crafting engaging and powerful ad messaging for our clients across Google Search. We know what makes a compelling proposition, and we bring that to life within your brand guidelines. However, we’ve also worked with brands who wish to have full control and write their own ad copy. Either way, you’ll always have our tried and tested guidance. For image and video assets, we can advise on best practise, but we do not create these asset types.

We offer both and this depends on the scope, level of media spend and the goals you have as a business. We offer Google Ads management as a standalone service, however, with so many dependencies (data, reporting, tracking, etc.) we often work across several service areas that includes Google Ads to deliver the best possible value.

We run ads globally across Google and Bing, and can work with local language teams across Yandex, Naver and Baidu. We have led many go-to-market campaigns for household brands and have strong experience in navigating the nuances of this process, from feed localisation to navigating market specific peaks.