Reach a highly-targeted professional audience using unique targeting capabilities for growing brand awareness, engaging with new/existing customers and driving conversions.

With over half a billion members worldwide, LinkedIn advertising is a cost-effective paid social channel to reach and engage with professionals – an ideal platform for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn provides access to a wide range of decision-makers, influencers, and potential customers. The platform’s targeting capabilities allow businesses to reach the specific segments of their target audience based on job title, industry, location, and other demographic information. Whether sponsoring content, remarketing to previous website visitors or building a long term branding campaign, outbloom will help reach your target market and achieve your goals. 


Incredibly powerful targeting methods and a unique professional audience, when executed correctly LinkedIn advertising can be a game changer.


Target specific groups of people using first party data, from previous website visitors to CRM email lists. Whether scheduled imports or via the API, outbloom walk you through getting your customer email addresses and other identifiers matched to LinkedIn members. These lists can be used to target specific groups of people, such as current customers, website visitors, or leads, and can be combined with LinkedIn’s other targeting options like job title, industry, location and Interest Targeting to create super targeted audience lists.


Whether a new account is to be created or one is being handed between teams/agencies, outbloom are here to ensure this runs smoothly, communicating between all stakeholders at every stage. This covers, but is not exclusive to: changing/finalising billing, exporting historical data, transfer of tracking (if held within a tag management solution), and more. We are meticulous with this process and approach it on a case by case basis to factor in any nuances – keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

In-platform metrics (impressions, cost, shares, etc.) are key for understanding campaign performance. In addition to metrics provided by LinkedIn, integrating conversion data is essential for optimising your bidding strategies. With various data sources often feeding into one analytical platform, it can be difficult to gain a clear picture of your campaign’s success. outbloom bring all of your data sources together to provide a comprehensive overview of your LinkedIn advertising performance, helping you plan, activate and forecast your media spend.


Interest targeting allows advertisers to reach users based on their activity on the platform (such as the groups they have joined), the pages they have followed, and the types of content they engage with. The most unique targeting specific to the LinkedIn is job function, skills, and even specific topics or keywords. This unlocks highly specific targeting to deliver content, display ads or InMail to engaged audiences. Finding where to start can seem like a mammoth task, we guide you through the research, strategy and activation plan – tying everything together with in-depth cross platform reporting.

The LinkedIn insight tag is essential to unlock campaign reporting and insights about your website visitors. Deployed directly or via a tag management platform such as Google Tag Manager, this data feeds into bidding strategies, allowing advertisers to accurately measure performance. Additionally, advertisers can track post-conversion events, such as lead-nurturing and email engagement, to better understand the customer journey. This, combined with cross channel reporting, gives a complete view of how far your LinkedIn media spend is going.


Heavily B2B focussed, LinkedIn also offers capability with B2C. Advertisers can reach their target consumer audience through campaigns that focus on personal development, lifestyle, and brand awareness. Sponsored content and video ads are a great way to showcase products or services in a relatable and lifestyle context. Sponsored InMail can be used to reach individuals with personalised messages and calls-to-action, allowing for effective direct marketing. Whatever your goal, we are advise and build strategies built around your needs using LinkedIn’s unique targeting options.


LinkedIn’s user base of professionals and decision-makers makes it ideal for B2B marketing, brand building, and lead generation. If you’re looking to target decision makers, LinkedIn could be a great option to try. 

LinkedIn provides advanced targeting options based on job title, industry, company size, seniority, and location. By targeting a combination of these, you can be sure the right eyes will see your ads. 

As with most ad engines, there’s a wealth of options available to test: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, and LinkedIn Display Ads.

The cost depends on various factors such as your targeting options, ad format, competition, and bidding strategy. LinkedIn offers both cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing options, but on the whole we expect to see higher avg. CPCs than we do on Google, Bing & Meta (as a comparison).