Often an after thought to Google, this powerful advertising platform expands reach across Bing, MSN, and Outlook.

Microsoft ads (formerly Bing ads) offers advertisers the opportunity to expand their reach and connect with users beyond Google Ads. With near a 3% market share of the worldwide search engine market, Microsoft Ads offers a typically lower CPC vs Google and like for like campaign types; search, audience, product (shopping), multimedia, and more. Whether ran in isolation or on a direct import from Google, this platform has huge, often overlooked potential.


outbloom help drive high-quality traffic and maximise ROI on the Bing search engine and Microsoft Audience Network for both B2B and B2C


Your Google Ads strategy naturally feeds into Microsoft Ads, however, certain nuances with the platform require a different approach. Imports from Google are simple, however, adopting a ‘set and forget’ methodology can lead to disappointing results and an unfair view of performance. At outbloom, we go beyond just keywords and target audience groups to understand the deeper intent, audience, and suitability of placements to build your Microsoft Ads strategy.


Microsoft’s native advertising tool drives additional, high-quality traffic from non-search placements. Ads can be placed within articles and other content within the Microsoft Audience Network – a collection of premium sites including MSN,, and more. We manage the entire process; building audiences, advising on creative and ad formats and much more. Whether your running native through other platforms or are looking to test the waters, we are here to help.


Microsoft Product Ads (Shopping) allow advertisers to promote their products and services on the Microsoft network, which includes Bing, MSN, and Outlook. As with search, direct Google imports make the setup and maintenance a straightforward process and features such as Local Inventory and Merchant promotions can also be used. We have managed imports and bespoke setups for many businesses, leveraging product ads to provide sales to accompany Google Shopping.


Microsoft Vertical Ads allow advertisers to reach audiences in specific categories (automotive, travel, finance, and more) – focusing on the information potential customers are looking for; opening hours, call outs, destinations, prices, etc. Powered by data feeds, algorithms determine the most relevant placements for the ads based on the target vertical and the content of the ad. outbloom will help set up/maintain and develop your data feed, managing all activation.


At outbloom, we understand that transferring Microsoft Ads accounts between agencies, teams, or starting from scratch can be a complicated process. That’s why we’ve created our own specialised processes, documentation, and roadmaps to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Our team has extensive experience with on-boarding and off-boarding accounts of all sizes and will provide end-to-end support for your Microsoft Advertising strategy.

Unique to Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn audiences allow advertisers to target specific groups of users using; job title, industry, company size and more. This powerful tool is great for businesses looking to reach professional audiences, allowing personalisation to increase relevancy of campaigns across the network. From targeting job titles to feeding company names into bidding strategies, we leverage this audience to refine and/or scale your advertising.


It depends on your business, but in most cases, yes. Users on Microsoft have typically been of a different demographic to Google. So, whilst Microsoft’s market share is much smaller, we often find cheaper average CPCs, better engagement and higher conversion rates with incremental sales. 

The landscape is quickly changing with the inclusion of ads in Bing Chat. This is certainly an engine to trial if you haven’t already.

Yes, we can take care of everything from setup, imports and asset creation to billing, tracking and reporting.

Yes, you can automate your imports from Google so you can be sure of parity between the engines. This is particularly useful for ad copy, product and availability. Elements that pertain strictly to Microsoft ads (e.g. tracking parameters, campaign naming conventions, bid strategies etc) can all be  maintained even with regular Google imports. 

We provide PPC audits across Google & Microsoft. This includes 12 pillars of search excellence, along with specifics pertinent to each engine.