beam windows and doors

A challenger brand to the windows and doors market, Beam have removed sales reps, allowing customers to design, measure and buy new doors and windows in their own time. 

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From idea to reality: launching a challenger brand in a saturated market

Beam is a challenger brand to the UK window and door market. Owned by HPAS (Safestyle), they have removed sales reps, allowing customers to purchase windows and doors from the comfort of their own home, in their own time. 

The Challenge

Launched in 2022, Beam emerged as a dynamic challenger brand in the window and door marketplace. As an unknown brand with a small budget, the challenge was to compete on Google Ads and Meta with well known industry veterans with deep pockets.

The Change

As a new brand to market, testing was a key factor in the roadmap. To begin with, outbloom worked with Beam on technical setup and measurement, to ensure that performance of every penny spent can be tracked to a lead and sale through bespoke reporting. Agile in tact, our test and learn framework meant quick learnings and enviable growth. As part of the process, we:

  • Implemented dynamic parameters within UTMs for blended data analysis across channels.
  • Pre-qualified customers on Meta with up-front pricing.
  • Created a full funnel strategy across digital and organic channels for lead nurturing. 
  • Revamped audience strategy using first-party data and lookalike data.
  • Conducted rigorous testing across Google and Meta to identify top performing audiences, creative, images and more. 
  • Integrated live chat support for customer-centric touch.
  • Created lead generating landing pages for paid acquisition traffic.

The Growth

During the project, we drove:

  • Avg. CPCs at £2.05 (vs. Google industry benchmark £3.20)
  • 13% CTR for non-brand generic terms
  • Meta lead CVR of 3.6%
  • Google lead CVR 4.2%
Date: Jan ’23 – Oct ’23
Source: Google Analytics / Google Ads

What Our Clients Say

“When we were looking for a digital marketing agency, we faced a simple choice. Choose an established agency operating in a standard way or try something different. It was immediately apparent that when we spoke to Mark & Julia that their approach was refreshingly different.

The support & direct involvement from outbloom extends way beyond paid search and paid social and includes, amongst other things, tracking, analytics, links to the CRM software, creative & UX feedback & much more.

We are delighted to have appointed outbloom and would highly recommend them to anyone considering a refreshingly different approach”

Steve Birmingham

Beam Windows and Doors | Ex-Safestyle CEO