Data analysis and systems integration hold the key to unlocking your paid search potential, not just account restructures.

Good Paid Search (aka PPC) requires a breadth of experience and planning before activating campaigns. An in depth understanding of budgets, data sources, reporting and planning is required to build the basic foundations for paid search success.

Building from the ground up will help answer:

What are you reporting on?
What does success look like?
What data should be fed into the account?

With your data at the heart of everything we do, you receive complete transparency and reporting tailored to your audience. From global household brands to local start ups, we’ve got a proven track record and are here to cut through the smoke and mirrors.

outbloom offer end-to-end paid search/PPC, helping you to improve campaign performance, scale your accounts in line with growth targets, provide clarity on exactly where you should be investing your budget, improve your engagement and provide in-depth reporting on the metrics that actually matter to you.




Reviewing all data sources, ensuring tagging meets expectations. If needed, putting the steps in place and managing data integrations, tagging implementation, and more. Complete reporting (internal and external), bespoke account audit to highlight areas of opportunity, never dwelling on the previous set up, this is where growth opportunities are identified and the point where we can start to spot efficiencies (if any) that can be made.


Whatever the data source, we want to ensure we ingest data down to a keyword/product group level – even if this involves a bespoke CRM. At this point, there may be restructuring involved (feeds/campaigns/asset, etc), once complete and we are confident that the account is optimising towards your primary and secondary KPIs – this is the point in an account should be activated, even if this means temporary downtime.


Activating ahead of thorough planning can be detrimental, hoping for the best and seeing what sticks. Before anything goes live, we look as far ahead as possible to provide complete forecasting, down to market/campaign type/keyword (if necessary) – allowing you to align your budgets and planning for the next week/month/quarter/half or year using specific data points to visualise expected returns on your paid search spend.


Customer data has always been key in paid search, more so in recent years with the depreciation of third party cookies. There are many ways to ingest your CRM data/set out a path for the integration if you are just beginning. This audience type is critical in providing the most accurate consumer data to assist in machine learning. We manage the entire process, end to end, guiding you through segmentation, integration and more.


outbloom provide consultancy, activation, strategy and more across all elements of paid search.

The heart of the paid search industry, we have managed Google Ads accounts just like yours for over a decade – whether multi million pound global accounts or thousand pound startups, we are here to help.

Whether the account is newly onboarded or has been within a team for years, regular audits are a great way to get a second set of eyes on an account to spot efficiences and growth opportunities.

The engine sat behind Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and more – this paid search network if often a secondary thought to Google but even in isolation can drive high quality, efficient traffic outside of Google.

Project based or ongoing consultancy runs alongside in house teams/agencies to provide expert support to all parties involved in paid search. From sitting in on pitches to staff resourcing, market expansion and much more.

The most visual network for Google Paid Search powered by your product feed, Google Shopping demands the lion’s share of budget for both global household brands and businesses looking to scale.

Data feeds are the heart of Google Shopping, playing a pivotal role in PMax, dynamic remarketing and more. Whether your feed has 100 or 100,000 items, this needs to be as accessible to search engines as possible.

"We originally connected with outbloom for paid search, however, the value they add outside of this channel truly sets them apart from all the other agencies we have worked with. They are true experts in end-to-end digital marketing strategies and have helped scale our business beyond expectations"
Tom Brown
Welcome Skate



Wherever you are in your paid search journey, outbloom can drive the account forward, this includes; setup, builds, testing, automation, strategy, research, data integration, and more.


Customer data holds the key to providing engines with the richest data source – the process of segmenting, connecting and ongoing management can all be managed by outbloom.

Product feeds are the heart of shopping and dynamic ad types. We help ensure feeds are optimised, up to date and segmented to ensure the best visibility for your products.


Whatever your source of truth and chosen data model, the value driven outside of this from paid search is just as important – we factor this into all paid search planning and optimisation.


Connecting every £0.01 spent back to gross profit isn’t a gold standard for ppc, it’s the foundation. Whether you have a bespoke system or a readily available connection, we can help.


Forecasting is a day one. Whatever data sources/date range/product types, we work closely to build a picture of expected performance prior, during and after activation.


From moving accounts to new agencies to on-boarding ppc teams into an in house team – we have the experience and capability to make these processes run as efficiently as possible.


We’ve launched household names and growing businesses into almost all global markets, managing the nuances and localisation to deliver bespoke paid search strategies for clients of all sizes.


This can vary based on the account and level of media spend in addition to other factors which will play a role in the PPC management such as; tagging & tracking, reporting, analytics, and more. outbloom offer director level consultancy, you will always have a senior member of the team on your account who have trained in channel and are able to work collaboratively across disciplines, not just paid search. Prior to commencing the partnership you will always receive a detailed scope of work directly from the team who will be working on the account, as a ballpark, our paid search management fees start at £5,000 per month.

We have worked with almost all verticals, including: retail, fashion, software, gambling, fintech and more. We have extensive experience in both ecommerce and lead gen activity across both DTC and B2B.

This really depends on the client and tech stack. More and more clients are moving away from the standard ‘analytics linked to platform, feeding into report’ approach, as a result, we have led on several large data projects that ingest many different data sources, working with clients to blend data and create the link between media spend and the source of truth leads/sales/downloads, etc.

We manage all types of paid search and have decades of experience across DTC, B2C and B2B, managing budgets of all sizes. Whatever your vertical or route to market, outbloom will be able to help with your paid search.