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Paid Social Media vs Organic Social Media

Understanding the differences between paid and organic social media strategies is crucial for optimizing your online presence. Organic social builds trust and community without direct costs, while paid social offers precise targeting and measurable ROI. By effectively combining both, businesses can maximize their reach and engagement, ensuring a balanced and impactful social media strategy


PPC/Paid Search in a Post Cookie World – Are You Ready?

In a world where cookies are becoming increasingly obsolete, paid search strategies must adapt to remain effective. By leveraging advanced search analytics, first party customer data, and conversion tracking, marketers can refine their approaches to optimize performance in a cookie-less environment. So much has changed over the last 3-4 years, get yourself ready today.

Digital Marketing

How To Measure Brand Awareness in Digital Marketing?

Measuring brand awareness in digital marketing is essential for understanding how well consumers recognise and recall your brand. Utilising brand awareness surveys, social engagement reporting, and search volume data provides valuable insights into consumer behaviour and helps refine marketing strategies to enhance brand presence.

Paid Media

How Much Do Digital Marketing Agencies Charge in 2024?

Brands are faced with a wealth of choices when choosing where to spend their agency budget in 2024. We are seeing companies of all sizes looking to smaller specialised partners to build personalised relationships where they once would have gone straight to a network/group to execute on a service for a defined fee.

Paid Media

Should Brands Put Their Paid Media Accounts To Tender vs. Word of Mouth?

When choosing a digital agency through tender, it’s vital to create a clear brief, evaluate agency experience, team structure, performance reporting, and target achievement. Balancing benefits like expertise with potential drawbacks such as trust issues ensures successful partnerships

Digital Marketing

Performance Marketing vs Brand Marketing

Performance marketing focuses on achieving tangible, short-term outcomes like sales and leads through paid strategies. Brand marketing aims to build long-term brand awareness and customer loyalty. Balancing both approaches ensures immediate results and sustained growth