Google analytics tracks and analyses website/app traffic. Insights gained from this can determine the effectiveness of marketing strategies and help understand user behaviour.

Google analytics tracks and reports on traffic and behaviour, it is the most used web analytics platform on the internet and offers a free or paid service (Analytics 360). This data is the core of any digital marketing plan, it guides decision making and quantitatively measures the effectiveness websites and/or apps.

Basic implementation is a starting point, however, fully integrating the platform to monitor actions taken on site and/or ecommerce data will provide a true representation of your performance data. Once armed with this, you have the base to set KPIs (macro and micro) and accurately measure the impact of your investments to make informed decisions. 


outbloom offer end to end Google Analytics consultancy, from first time set up to custom data integrations, GA4, and so much more.


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google’s web analytics platform. GA4 provides the ability to track user interactions across multiple devices and platforms, including web, mobile, and app. Unlike Universal Analytics (UA), GA4 includes machine learning capabilities that can help businesses better understand  their customers to make informed decisions. outbloom manage the entire GA4 set up process, from implementation to customisation – get in touch today for expert guidance and support throughout your GA4 journey.


The Google Analytics data layer is a javascript object that send data from your website or app over to tag providers such as Google Tag Manager. Outside of the Google Analytics tracking capabilities, this additional data helps provide a more complete picture of how your website or app is being used and how it is contributing to your business goals. Whether layering demographics, behaviour or conversions, this additional information can tie together multiple data sources and reduce inconsistencies. We have managed projects for brands of all sizes and are here to help.


Google Analytics goals track specific actions and events are the user interactions with specific elements, such as clicks or video views. Tracking goals and events provides invaluable data to business owners that can be used to optimise media spend, benchmark performance, and more. These can be managed through the gtag.js (universal analytics) or the SDK for GA4, outbloom typically manage this process using a tag management solution such as Google Tag Manager to ensure all tagging is in one place, without the need to involve dev teams.

Universal Analytics consists of consolidated reports grouped by audience, acquisition, behaviour and conversions. Moving forward, GA4 has slimmed down the pre populated reports with a focus on the user and customisation. The availability of data is great, however, stakeholders often don’t have the time to sift through or create custom views to access the data important to them. This is where outbloom can help, we have built many custom dashboards bespoke to many different stakeholders, from C-Suite to marketing execs, we have a solution.


Enhanced Ecommerce allows businesses to track and analyse user behavior on their ecommerce website or app. It provides detailed data on user interactions with products, including product views, add to cart actions, and purchases. This feature unlocks custom events, such as product refunds or coupon codes which can be used to understand customer behavior, user experience and identify areas for improvement in the sales funnel. Using a tag management solution such as Google Tag Manager we plan, deploy and test the entire process for you.

Whether migrating to a new CMS or a routine check in on your current tracking implementation, a tracking audit is a sensible step to take to address; ecommerce inconsistencies, issues with payment gateways, pages not tracking correct sessions and more. Our comprehensive auditing framework gives you complete visibility from end to end, we walk you through inconsistencies and how they have occurred, lay out the groundwork for amending these, make the changes and provide a future proofed plan to help spot tracking issues moving forward.


outbloom can assist with all aspects of Google Analytics and have been recognised for our consultative approach, walking teams through entire processes to ensure the knowledge is transferred and learnings are made. We also understand that sometimes brands/agencies need a true facilitation of knowledge through a series of training sessions, which we offer on almost every element (including the entire subject) of Google Analytics. Whether this is a one off program of a series of scheduled sessions, we create a bespoke plan designed around your needs.


Linked through the API or a third-party integration, creating a connection between your CRM system and Google Analytics unlocks the most accurate user data. Giving you a complete picture of your customers and their interactions with your business – invaluable data for reporting the effectiveness of media spend, tracking performance and observing user behaviour. We are here to help you open the door to better acquisition measurement and ultimately, LTV modelling using your source of truth.


Absolutely. outbloom offer everything from account transition to event creation and report configuration. We have experience across many GA4 migration projects, all of which follow our specific migration plan, ensuring data accuracy during and after you have moved away from Universal Analytics.

We offer comprehensive reviews of Google Analytics implementation  to ensure accurate tracking and data reporting. Our audits cover various aspects such as data accuracy, implementation issues, tracking configuration, and advanced features (data integration) – delivering actionable recommendations and next steps.

Google Analytics provides a wealth of data and reports, further enhanced with the introduction of GA4. outbloom provide a wealth of experience to help decipher the data you need to see, present this back in the best possible way for all stakeholders and offer ongoing support to ensure everyone is on the same page with the performance data.

Yes, we help enable businesses to combine data from multiple sources to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their customers and website performance. Sources include; CRM systems, advertising platforms, social media, and more.