CloudM built a SaaS data management platform allowing users to save time, resource, make migrations a breeze and more. They help global businesses thrive in digital spaces and have over 1m active users. 

Conversion Rate
Increase In Leads
Google Ads Spend

Accelerating Success: Transforming Performance in One Month for SaaS Migration Experts.

CloudM is the management and migration platform on a mission to make it easy to manage Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Born out of a UK based Google partner in 2018, CloudM has successfully taken existing migration capabilities to become on the world’s most innovative platforms for IT teams.

The Challenge

In March 2022, after conducting thorough Google Ads and Microsoft Ads audits, we discovered numerous areas of potential growth as well as ineffective expenditure. It became evident that the account needed restructuring, asset quality needed enhancement and channel connectivity required improvement. Additionally, we identified opportunities to enhance tracking capabilities, as we were only able to observe the initial stage of the lead’s journey. Our KPI was to increase leads within a CPA target.

The Change

Throughout our initial audit, we compiled a checklist of essential tasks required to hit our ambitious targets. To ensure accuracy and strategic decision-making, we extensively analysed historical platform and source of truth data, blending the two together to serve as the foundation for our restructure plan.

We enhanced tracking capabilities by integrating data back into HubSpot using Value Track Parameters. Furthermore, we implemented automated data pass-backs, reviewed and standardised conversion actions, optimised all assets, and built bespoke reports that blended all data sources together to help CloudM begin to gain control of their performance data.

It was also important to fully understand CloudM’s targets and data collection. Within the website, numerous touchpoints existed, including downloadable content, lead form captures, live chat etc, which had been collectively assigned a single CPA target for performance marketing. By collaborating with internal data teams, we uncovered the true value of each touchpoint. This brought much-needed clarity to and attention to the most profitable leads, allowing us to set targets at a micro and macro conversion level which was then fed into internal systems to enhance lead nurturing, reporting and give much needed clarity to sales teams.

As a direct outcome of our data-driven efforts and optimisation strategies, we were able to allocate previously wasted budget towards an impactful Go-To-Market plan, helping CloudM expand their migration and archiving services across US, CA, and ANZ.

The Growth

Within the month following the restructure we saw:

  • 72% increase in conversion rate
  • 42% increase in leads
  • 7% reduction in bounce rate
  • 2% reduction in Google Ads spend
  • 22% reduction in CPA

Reporting Dates: April ’23
Comparison Dates: March ’23
Data Source: Google Analytics


What Our Clients Say

“outbloom are great to work with, behaving and acting like a true extension of our digital marketing team. They get great results with a data-driven approach to PPC whilst considering all factors that impact paid search performance. They have played a big part in our digital journey”

Gary Bennion

Chief Technology and Product Officer