Welcome Skate store

Welcome are one of the most renowned skater owned shops in the UK, situated in Leed they are the hub of the skate scene and have grown considerably online over the last decade.

Increase in Revenue
Increase in Spend

Low Budget Success: Going toe-to-toe in the serp against industry titans

Welcome Skate Store is fully owned and operated by skateboarders. Based in Leeds, they offer advice, knowledgeable staff and a huge selection of skateboard hardware and accessories.

The Challenge

Welcome Skate Store, a well-known skate shop in Leeds, partnered with outbloom in 2023 to increase their online revenue with lean marketing budgets through Google Ads and Meta.

The goal was to also strengthen Welcome’s purchasing power with major suppliers such as NikeSB and New Balance with a two-fold objective: to boost the store’s gross profit and to overcome the typical obstacles small independent skate shops face, such as stringent order minimums and limited product assortment.

The Change

Our first step was to intimately understand the merchandising process. What do they sell well in-store? What is the lead time? What are the minimum order quantities, and what SKUs are available for them to stock? After spending an immersion day with the team, outbloom took to the data to formulate the strategy, which briefly consisted of:

  • Evaluating digital advertising strategies post-lockdown with a focus on new audiences using specific brands.
  • A thorough assessment of ad auctions, stock, and trends, forming tiered listings groups prioritizing brands with favorable stock statuses and quick reorder capabilities.
  • Focused product selection, identifying and pushing underrepresented products.
  • Adjusting campaigns for new stock and allowing flexibility, incorporating both quantitative data and qualitative inputs.

Using their business data and ad auction data with an extremely limited budget, we made sure that we only entered auctions with products where we knew we had the best range or price. Every penny counted, especially when going toe-to-toe in auctions with the likes of Nike and ASOS.

The Growth

During the 6 month project (versus the previous period) we drove:

    • YTD Revenue +130%
    • 2023 Revenue Target hit in September
    • YTD ROAS +30%
    • YTD Spend  +9%
Date: Jan ’23 – Sep ’23
Comparison Date: Jan ’22 – Sep ’22
Source: Google Analytics / Google Ads
Additionally, this work was shortlisted for:
UK Search Awards
  • Best Low Budget Campaign
  • Best Use of Data

Northern Digital Awards

  • Best Low Budget Campaign
  • Best PPC Campaign

What Our Clients Say

“”We originally connected with outbloom for paid search, however, the value they add outside of this channel truly sets them apart from all the other agencies we have worked with. They are true experts in end to end digital marketing strategies and have helped scale our business beyond expectations””

Tom Brown

Owner – Welcome Skate Store