Eat Sleep Live are a premium furniture retailer, creating unique reclaimed wooden pieces to last a lifetime.

Increase in Samples
Decrease in Meta Spend

Supercharging samples from Meta ads

Eat Sleep Live was founded in 2004. Driven by a lack of high quality furniture to rival the mass produced alternatives, they saw the need for a more personal approach to creating unique furniture that will last a lifetime. Eat Sleep Live are master crafters of reclaimed wooden furniture for your home. 

The Challenge

Eat Sleep live are master crafters of reclaimed wood furniture, they use high quality materials to offer luxurious and timeless pieces. The brand experienced exponential growth during the pandemic, a combination of surging demand for home furniture, lack of product entering the market from outside the UK and a result of being 100% UK made – from the wood to manufacturing and the white glove delivery.

As buyer behaviour returned to a more stable state and products became available online, the marketplace quickly filled with retailers offering lower quality products at a lower price point. The brand was now competing in a newly crowded digital space with consumers having a wealth of brands, prices and styles to choose from. With Eat Sleep Live offering a unique experience, our challenge was to use paid social to continue driving awareness and sales with a direct focus on data capture via free wood samples to put the high quality product into the consumers hands and tell the brand story, leading to a longer but more profitable purchase path. 

The Change

We onboarded the Facebook/Meta ad account and immediately set up the API connection and amended UTMs, adding dynamic parameters to allow us to blend both analytical and platform data together to have a clearer view of the impact the Meta ads were having on the conversion path. In addition to this, we audited and fixed in platform tracking and set up CAPI to enhance the data being fed into the campaigns.

Previous activity had generated a handful of samples, however, objectives and campaign types were solely focused around sales. However, sales can take up to 3 months from the first engagement which was not ideal with the view and click windows available on Meta.

Getting sample requests sent out to potential new customers was key, we realigned our priorities towards branding, focusing on the quality and unique offering, shifting our objectives and campaign types towards driving sample requests vs solely focusing on sales. To support this change, we rebuilt the audience strategy to focus on the wealth of first party data that was unused, honing in on historic sample requesters and high value repeat purchasers to both retarget and acquire new customers using stunning visuals and aspirational content.

To further enhance the customer journey, we worked with the team to scope and build landing pages that encapsulated the essence of our brand. Rigorous testing became a core part of our strategy and we implemented lead nurture campaigns to guide prospects along their path to conversion, integrating live chat into the sales funnel to inject a customer-centric touch that embodies their brand’s ethos.

The Growth

During the 6 month project (versus the previous period) we drove:

  • 134% increase in sample orders
  • 136% increase in sample CVR
  • 12% decrease in spend
  • 62% decrease cost per sample
Date: October ’22 – March ’23
Comparison Date: October ’21 – March ’22
Source: Google Analytics

What Our Clients Say

“Working with outbloom has been invaluable for Eat Sleep Live. Their deep understanding of our niche business and ability to optimise our campaigns in the face of challenges have driven enhanced results. In addition to shifting our strategy to aid further growth, they have been instrumental in helping with the planning of our updated brand awareness strategy, including testing new creative ideas and channels. The team is a pleasure to work with on a personal level. They are always friendly, approachable, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. I look forward to continuing to work with 0utbloom to drive further success”

Jade McHugh

Brand and Marketing Manager